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Devil May Cry: The Animated Series Update

Adi Shankar (Producer of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix) has recently shared with IGN Japan that “Season 1 scripts are done”. The scripts are a production of the collaboration between Shankar and Alex Larsen(Larsen’s notable work is the screenplay for the feature film “Bodied” which was produced by both Shankar and Eminem). Recently Alex Larsen has written for the animated series Yasuke.

Season One will include eight episodes but we are guaranteed that the story will not conclude there. Similar to the Castlevania series, Shankar plans to create “multi-season arc”(meaning that the story will unfold over multiple connected seasons. You can expect all your favorite DMC franchise favorite characters in the animated series. Shankar shared “I can confirm that Vergil is in it, as well as Lady, and of course Dante as well”

Devil May Cry will reportedly go into production in early 2022.

No release date is yet confirmed.

Source: Daniel Robson (IGN)

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