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Customer Experiences about Shopping at AnimeStation

jojo advanture


"It was my first time visiting Little Tokyo and I was told by a friend that Anime Station is a good place to look for gifts and to go shopping in general. I waited in line for about 10 minutes (bc of covid which I didnt mind) and I loved my experience! The employees dont hound you like some of the other shops I visited before this one and they had so much stuff. The figures seemed authentic as well and I was able to find some great gifts for friends and family. Id definitely recommend anime station as a stop when visiting Little Tokyo!"

picture of Neon Genesis Evangelion


"I don’t live in LA or anywhere close to it to drive here often but when I get the chance to visit I look forward to seeing what’s new in Little Tokyo and Animestation does not disappoint!! I bought a bakugo plushie, and tons of figures. Prices are affordable and the quality are great. Idk why people bash on the store for cheap products or bad quality stuff. I enjoy the experience most of all when I shop here. The employees are cool not all them but some of them and everything is organized (if you get there early). 

P.S for me the stuff I buy is the cherry on top on my little Tokyo sundae on a sunday. 

I’m can’t wait to visit you guys again!!"

tanjoro hand drawing picture


"Happened to walk in animestation with my bf in downtown littletokyo and this amazing shop catch our attention. 

I brought up to 12 cute stuffs, Japanese Mango/anime(decor my sweet home),trading card game(suitable for having fun with a group of friends) and two cosplay Kimono for anime show in the coming week. As for mystery boxes,guess what I got, a fantastic Demon Slayer 😝,soooo cute and love the warm atmosphere and great service they provided! Can’t wait to shop on their website: as they provide me with $5 OFF Coupon today 🤪!"

AnimeStation Affiliate Program

AnimeStation would like to collaborate with Anime influencers for our online campaigns to generate more audience for both us and the influencer. 

Please contact us directly @ for business opportunities such as affiliate/ad offer!

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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