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AnimeStation is a retail store located in the heart of little Tokyo, Los Angeles. We joined the Little Tokyo community in 2018 with a goal of providing our customers with an experience that’s inclusive, diverse, and welcoming to all who enjoy anime at any level.  Our store provides a wide variety of products from the most popular anime shows and we strive to set the highest standards when it comes to our products by assuring that our figures are authentically licensed products with perfect detailing and design.

picture of our little tokyo store front

 About Us 

picture of us treat customer with professionalism and respect


Our Mission is to deliver the unexpected with an unforgettable experience when our customer walks through our store’s door.

picture of our employees


AnimeStation’s vision is to create a destination where Animation and reality meet to create a congenial setting for our customers and fans of anime, beginner or expert. 

picture of our team at little tokyo

 Our Core Values 

picture of our team treating every customer with professionalism and respect
create an environment that is both inclusive and healthy
strive to build a long term relationship with our customers
be creative ,open minded and caring

-Treat every customer with professionalism and respect 


-Create an environment that is both inclusive and healthy 


-Strive to build a long term relationship with our customers 

-Be creative, open minded and Caring

picture of our uniform

 Product Authenticity Guaranteed 

Here at Animestation we carefully select the figures that we would like to put into our store. We only select high quality, beautifully designed figures that are 100% authentic. 

picture of our uniform with two types ,one is tshirt and one is hoodie,both have our logo on it ,we also have two version black and white.

 Caring & Conscientious Customer Service 

We couldn't be doing what we do if it wasn't for our customers. So, we make sure to treat every customer or visitor with care and respect. That means that we are more than happy to answer any questions or doubts YOU might have during your visit to our website. Feel free to Reach out to our team, if you have any questions or concerns or if you just want to say "HI"

Email us

picture of grand opening for rowland height location retailstore
picture of our team with our uniform copying one pice team doing same position


Animestation sincerely appreciate your love and affection! We will always be here for our community!~


"I grew up in a rural area and anime was the colorful influence that help me explore life outside of what I knew at the time. Then In 2019 I moved across the country and unexpectedly anime helped me land a cool job with Anime Station where I’ve been working since. 

 My favorite anime is Berserk with a close 2nd Devil man." 


 “I remember back to the first days I started watching anime, to me it watching shows beyond reality and my dreams. I would always just like play ninjas with my friends growing up or waking up and wishing I had any kind of power, but never did sadly. I’ve only been working at AnimeStation for a few months and its not only expanded my love for anime, its shown me a new world of it, and I can’t wait for the future for both me and this store." 


"Most of time anime means all animated works from Japan but to me it has helped me get through a dark time when I was young. It still helping with my depression right now. It’s not just animations that people  made for entertainment but also an important support in my life. I would say there is no one could get me over my anime addiction."


"I am Yingting, and I love animation; it is a kind of human heart, whether you are sad or happy, depressed or excited; you can find a specific incarnation in spirit. Watching animation can relax the mood in time and adequately relieve the pressure, let people travel freely in fantasy, find their ideals and activities in the spirit. I have watched a lot of anime, and it is no surprise to see any weird things. The exorcist in the exorcist boy, the ghosts and gods in the young Onmyoji, the monsters in Inuyasha, the devil fruit in One Piece, the ninja in Naruto, the insect world in the Mushishi, the virtual world in the computer coil. Many, many, too many to count; this is how anime provides us with a bizarre world. I'm learning 3D animation games now, and I hope to work in the industry one day."


"Anime to me was always a way to bring my friends and I closer together. My music, my clothes, even my chosen name, has all derived from anime. "


Anime List:



Naruto (Original and Shippuden)

Tokyo Ghoul

Dragon Ball (Original, Z, and Super)


Ghost Hunt

Corpse Party


Soul Eater


"For me, anime is like a key that opens the door to a new world. It makes me feel inexplicably powerful and comforting. The first time I watched anime was when I was in first grade. The anime I watched on TV at that time was "sunrise". In front of the TV, I saw the smart and witty hero and his various partners fighting against the evil forces, and it showed me that there is such a beautiful and dangerous world besides the world of everyday life, which exists in a small TV anime but is so real in my eyes. This makes me want to pick up a sword, like the hero in the animation, to protect my family and friends and all the good creatures living on the same planet."


Meet   Our  Team


"For me, anime is a kind of visual art presentation that is different from film and television. I, personally, think that animation is a form of artistic expression with a relatively high degree of freedom and flexibility in creation and performance. Simply to say, there is no limitation of creation for anime creators, they could create anything looks cool. For instance, EVA is a good example to explain why anime has no limitation in art creating. Anime is the art of imagination. Through bizarre settings, unpredictable characters, scenes and props, then bring the audience into an imaginative world. No matter how miraculous the world is, what is ultimately transmitted is the power that shines into reality and acts on real social life."


"Anime to me is a portal to another reality. I like to think that every anime is an alternate universe which we only get to watch through the show or film. "

picture of our little tokyo team with our car wrapped in sailor moon car wrap,also with our logo anime station on the car as well.
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