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The Good Smile Company : "How is a Nendoroid made?"

You've probably seen these miniature versions of your favorite characters at your local figure/anime shop and wondered 'who made these?'. Here is the response to your question: The Good Smile Company is the sole creator of the miniature sculpted figures called NENDOROID. These figures are super Kawaii and awesome if you ask me.

Find out all about the process of how NENDOROIDS are made through this behind-the-scenes look of the Good Smile Company's office in Tokyo and their factory in Tottori to meet the people responsible for designing, sculpting, painting, and packaging the world-famous Nendoroid.

Some profound phrases Aki Takanori said that resonated with me:

Aki Takanori CEO:

"Even if they haven’t seen the title, they’ll like the character because they own the figure

"I think figures… and Nendoriods, too, of course, play a role in making titles from other countries popular worldwide"

*Video courtesy of Crunchyroll

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