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Our last giveaway event brought New and Familiar faces onto our IG post. We were excited to see how great of a turnout we had and how happy our followers were to participate in the event.

Here are some of the comments we saw on our post:

@__joss300 commented:

"bonus: i find animestation in a trip, my first products is my levi figure, Watching anime is like therapy for me, it makes me happy and i lead a slightly happier life...."


"I hope you beans don't mind me tagging y'all in this ❤️ 🙌 They said tag some besties so i did 💕😍"

These are just some of the lovely comments we saw on our giveaway post. We appreciate your participation and can't wait to see everyones comments again.

Stay tune for our next give away event!

This Giveaway winner excited to receive her prizes!

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