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Sanji is back in Variable Action Heroes.
――The proportions of the black suit are as dashing as you imagined, and each part has a wide range of movement, allowing for impressive poses during the play.
-Six types of facial expressions are included, allowing you to recreate facial expressions that match various situations.
-In addition, the glasses you wore when you infiltrated Dressrosa are also included, so you can enjoy a different expression than usual.
-In addition, a leg with an effect is attached to the right foot by replacement, and you can reproduce the image of activating a special move such as [Devil's Leg (Diable Jumbu)].
――It is a product that you can enjoy by decorating and touching it with realistic modeling and painting.

Set contents: Main body, 6 facial expression parts, 2 bangs parts, right leg effect parts, various left and right fist parts


Product composition: Pre-painted finished product action figure, optional parts

SANJI Variable Action Heroes Series PVC Figure(One Piece)

SKU: 4535123833953
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